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Privacy Policy

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

At psd2htmlNinjas we fully respect all your artwork and intellectual properties. Your copywrites remain yours, we will not re-use your work, or any partake in any activities that would question our integrity. All information you share with us is considered strictly confidential and will never be shared with anybody outside the company. We will respect your business and will never contact your clients. We respect your business, and aspire to be long term partners with you.

Information We Collect

The only personally identifiable information we collect is the information submitted via contact forms, which includes your name, email address, submitted source files, and comments. We use google analytics to track via cookies as well.

How We Use User Information

The personal information you submit to us, is strictly used for communication with you. We do not sell, lease, rent or do anything for marketing purposes with the information you submit to us.